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Full Stack Learning Experience for Corporates Training

We provide an AI powered learning & assessment platform for immersive classroom, online live & self paced programs which guarantee learning outcomes.

Corporate Clients

We've established corporate training relationships with over 100+ companies across the world. Here are a few of them :)

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Learning Stack

We provide immersive & high quality training programs via classroom, live online & guided byte sized video lessons. Each learning path features exhaustive assignments & hands-on implementations customised to your learning outcomes.

Learning Stack.png

Projects Stack

You will get a comprehensive cloud environment pre-loaded with practicals and industry grade live projects to master any specific skill-set. You can select & customise from our repository of 100+ projects and one-click deploy them to your teams.

Projects Stack.jpg

Support Stack

You will get access to 24/7 on-demand technical support via email, chat, phone and video calls. Therefore, any question you have will immediately be answered. In addition to that, there is a repository of resource materials & social forums for you to strengthen and share your knowledge.


Assessment Stack

This is an AI powered assessment platform which will automatically provide results & recommendations for each of your assignments & projects. In addition to that, it can also be used for certification & outcome testing for each of the students.


Reporting Stack

You will get access to an automatic reporting platform featuring report & predictive analytics on a per student, per cohort and per batch basis. This gives you real-time information & alert systems to maximise student performance & plan your project allocation.


Learning Specializations


BIG Data


Machine Learning & AI


Data Sciences


Cloud Computing


Automation & Testing


Front-End Technologies


Programming Languages




Front-End Technologies

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